Using an external pop filter and its placement

FAQ #4590 Updated August 29, 2017


I need your recommendations for distance from the mic using an external pop filter with the PG42USB mic. In the user manual it says that you get more bass response and a warmer sound if your are less than 6" away or touching the windscreen with your lips. It seems that being close to the mic but using a pop filter are mutually exclusive.


Excellent observation and you have discovered a law of physics for mic use.    The "screen-type" Pop filter must be located at a "distance" (3 to 6 inches) in order to be effective, but the distance keeps the singer farther from the mic; this reduces proximity effect and the warm sound it provides.

A singer can reduce popping and obtain proximity effect if the mic is properly positioned:

Most singers position the mic "under the nose."  Though this is commonly done, it is not recommended by mic manufacturers....but what do we know about mics.

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