UR4S+ and UR4D+ receiver - USB port removed

FAQ #4099 Updated July 02, 2015


When was the USB port removed from the UR4S+ and UR4D+ receiver models?


This design change occurred in April 2012. One of key USB components used in the UR4+ was discontinued by the manufacturer.  Shure decided not to re-design the UR4+ receiver because the USB connectivity via Wireless Work Bench 5 did not operate properly for 64-bit versions of the Windows operating system. In addition, USB connectivity is not supported by Wirelesss Work Bench 6. 

Non-USB versions of the UR4+ receiver will have a label on the outer box stating that a USB port is not included.  As an example, the label might read: UR4S+ Diversity Receiver, Single Channel, No USB.

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