UR3 Firmware Update

FAQ #5365 Updated February 11, 2013


UR3 Firmware Update


On January 28, 2013, Shure released new firmware version for the UR3 plug-on transmitters.

New Feature:
The firmware adds this new feature:

  • Three sensitivity options within the Audio Menu: 1) Line, 2) Mic, 3) Mic w/ pad.  The new "mic w/ pad" option adds an additional 17dB of attenuation for microphones with "hotter" outputs. Phantom Power may be engaged with this new setting.



The firmware addresses an issue found on a limited number (<1% sold to date) of UR3 units with the previous firmware version:

  • A limited number of UR3 units experienced a dramatic increase in gain level when selecting the lowest values of gain (-10, -9, or -8) in the SENS/GAIN menu. The new firmware fixes this uncommon issue.


For customers in the United States: if you own a UR3 transmitter manufactured before January 28, 2013 and require the new feature or have experienced the gain error, please contact Shure Service at 800-516-2525 for further information. Unfortunately, the firmware update cannot be performed in the field. Thus, the UR3 transmitter must to be sent to Shure.


For customers outside the United States, please contact the Shure distribution center for your country for information on this firmware update.

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