UR1, UR1M, UR1MLEMO3 Transmitters

FAQ #3922 Updated August 23, 2011


What are the basic differences between the UR1, UR1M, and UR1M LEMO 3?


The UR1, UR1M, and the UR1 LEMO3 body pack transmitters have many similar features.  All have the same audio performance, the same frequency bands, the same two-way IR (Infra Red) sync capability, and the same adjustable RF power output (country dependent).


The most important difference between the UR1 body pack transmitter and the UR1M is size.  The UR1M is ½ the length of the UR1.  Without batteries, the UR1M is 1/3 lighter than the UR1. "M" stands for Miniature in the UR1M model number.


The UR1M uses two AAA cells, while the UR1 uses two AA cells. Expected battery life for the UR1M is shorter than the UR1, by about 2 hours, because of the smaller AAA cells.  The UR1M battery metering can be changed to match the type of battery used: Alkaline, Lithium, or NiMH.  The UR1 does not have this feature.


Unlike the UR1 and the UR1M, the UR1M LEMO3 does not use the TA4M microphone connector.  Instead, it has the LEMO 3 microphone connector; LEMO is a company based in Switzerland.  LEMO connectors have been used for decades in live theater.  It is a robust connector that stays secure and resists sweat and moisture. However, LEMO connectors are expensive, typically $30 to $50 each, and can be difficult to solder.  

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