Upgrading from the SM57

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Currently, I'm using a SM57 for vocals and I'd like to get a better mic. I love the warm sound I'm getting,just want to change with times. I've been advised to move up to the Beta57A (I have one on order), however I like the black sleek look of the SM57. So is there a black grill? Have I made the right choice or do you recommend another? And what is the improvement of the Beta57A vs the SM57?


Why change? You seem very happy with the SM57 and it fits your voice. A mic is like a musical instrument, not like a car that wears out. I play a 1963 Telecaster and I don't intend to buy a new guitar to "change with the times."

1. There is no black grill for the Beta 57.

2. Don't buy another mic unless you can compare it, side by side, to your SM57.

3. Difference SM57 versus Beta57

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