Upgrading cartridge of old 55S or 55SH

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I have an old 55S microphone that doesn't work anymore. Will the cartridge for the 55SH Series II work in my old 55S?


Replacement cartridge for the 55S and older 55SH

The replacement cartridge for the 55SH Series II does not fit directly into the 55S and older 55SH model (as well as, PE55’s); the shock mount and other internal hardware are different. Since there is no "upgrade kit" of the parts needed to convert a 55S/55SH into a 55SH Series II, parts must be ordered individually, as follows:

Qty Item Description
1 99A830 Cartridge (also available as R115)
4 30B1336 Screws (connects 65B1617 cover to 65B1618 housing)
4 30F1331A Screws (connects cartridge housing assembly to case back)
1 66A143 Flex Relief
1 31C1561 Spacer
1 65B1618 Housing
1 65B1617 Cover
1 39AB167 Nameplate "55SH Series II" (optional)


  1. Open the 55S/55SH and remove all internal electrical components (i.e., transformer, cartridge, and mounting apparatus), keeping switch leads intact.
  2. Pass the switch leads through the lead hole of 65B1618 Housing and 65A143 Flex relief, and push the flex relief into position.
  3. Pass leads through the 31C1561 Spacer.
  4. Solder according to the wiring diagram on the 55SH series II data sheet.
  5. Drop cartridge and spacer into 65B1618 Housing.
  6. Fasten 65B1617 Cover to housing with 30B1336 screws.
  7. Drop cartridge and housing assembly into the microphone case back and fasten with 30F1331A.
  8. Reassemble microphone case front to case back.

Contact Service/Parts Department for pricing and orders. The phone number is 1-800-516-2525.

** September 2012 - Also available is the R115S, the mic element used in the Super 55. Again, some internal modification will be required.

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