ULXD1 LEMO3 Transmitter with Instrument Cable

FAQ #5433 Updated June 01, 2017


I have a number of Lemo3 variants of the ULXD1 beltpack transmitter. I heard the Sennheiser CI-4 instrument cable was the only available option to connect to instruments, as the Shure WA305 is only available with a TA4F connector. I recently tried the Sennheiser cable, with no luck. Is there a wiring mismatch between this cable and the beltpacks?


Pin information for the ULXD1 Lemo input:

Pin 1 = ground (connects to cable shield and sleeve of 1/4"" phone plug)
Pin 2 = +5Vdc bias
Pin 3 = Audio In at 1 Megohm impedance (connects to inner conductor and tip of 1/4"" phone plug)

The Sennheiser cable wiring does not match the above.  It appears this cable has no connection to pin 3. It would have be rewired to work with the ULXD1.


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