UHF-R Quick Start Frequency Setup

FAQ #5083 Updated February 21, 2012


How do I easily set up the frequencies on UHF-R wireless systems?


UHF-R Quickstart Frequency Setup

Same Frequency Band. All wireless channels share same frequency code (G1, H4, J5, L3, or X1)


Choose either network or non-network path




Networked Receivers. Receivers are networked together using an Ethernet Router & the network icon is showing in the UHF-R Display.


Non-Networked Receivers. Receivers share the same frequency band but are not networked together using a router.




Group Scan. Perform a Group Scan. Press [RADIO]>[SCAN]> [GROUP SCAN]. Results will show the best group and # of available frequencies. Push Flashing [ENTER]

Group Scan. Perform a Group Scan. Press [RADIO]>[SCAN]>[GROUP SCAN]. Results will show the best group and # of receivers found. Push the flashing [ENTER] button. Frequency setup will be performed.




Group Setup. Setup all remaining receivers to recommended group from scan results. Push [RADIO]. Rotate scroll wheel on highlighted [G:] to recommended group. Push flashing [ENTER] when finished.




Transmitter Sync. Turn on one transmitter and open battery door. Hold sync window on transmitter up to the sync window on desired receiver (far left hand side). Push [SYNC] on receiver. Push [SYNC] again to lock transmitter to proper receiver. Orange RF lights should appear after sync. Repeat process with remaining transmitters.


Channel Scan & Sync. Perform a channel scan with first receiver. Push [RADIO]> [SCAN]>[CHANNEL SCAN] then [ENTER] when finished. Lock the transmitter to the receiver by performing Transmitter Sync. Leaving the transmitter on. Repeat channel scan & sync with remaining systems. PLEASE NOTE: After performing the transmitter sync, it is essential to leave the transmitter on so the following receiver does not select the same frequency.

To coordinate multiple frequency bands together, use the Wireless Workbench Software.

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