UC14/85 and UA600 - front mount antennas

FAQ #609 Updated October 16, 2008


If I am going to purchase and mount a single UC wireless receiver in a rack, do I need the UA600 to mount the antennas in the front or does the rack ears that come with the UC provide for this?


Yes, you require the UA600, plus the rack ears supplied with the UC wireless.

Here are the UA600 instructions.

The Shure UA600 is a front mount antenna kit for Model UC4 an and U4 UHF
wireless receivers. To mount receiver antennas to the front of an equipment
rack, proceed as follows:
1 Insert the supplied bulkhead adapters into the mounting bracket holes of the rack ears.
2 Connect the supplied 2 ft. antenna cables to the BNC connectors on the
rear of the receiver labeled “Antenna A Input” and “Antenna B Input.”
3 Connect each antenna cable to the rear of the bulkhead adapters.
4 Connect the antennas to the front portion of the bulkhead adapters.
NOTE: Shure recommends connecting the bulkhead adapter and antenna
cables before mounting the receiver in a rack. Once the receiver is in the
rack, it is more difficult to install the bulkhead adapters and antenna cables.
5 Mount the receiver in a 19-inch audio equipment rack.

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