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I am considering buying a Shure wireless system and was using your feature comparison chart. I noticed some features that I do not know what are. Also, I was unable to find out from your site. Would you please give me a brief description of each so I can make a more educated decision?

Tone Key Squelch; TTL Logic Control Capability; Attenuator Switch on Body-Pack Transmitter; "LEMO" Style Connector Body-Pack Option.


Tone Key Squelch: an electronic circuit that eliminates any audible "pop" when turning the transmitter on or off.

TTL Logic Control Capability: connection points on the UC receiver that sends a signal to other equipment whenever the transmitter is turned on OR the battery is low.

Attenuator Switch on Body-Pack Transmitter: allows guitars and other high-output instruments to be used with the UC transmitter without distortion.

"LEMO" Style Connector Body-Pack Option: a specialized, expensive audio connector used almost exclusively in the theater market.

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