UA844SWB Supplied Accessories

FAQ #4573 Updated February 26, 2015


What accessories are supplied with the UA844SWB?


One: UA844SWB RF distribution amplifier

One: PS45US (United States) power supply

Two: Bulkhead BNC to BNC connectors to front mount antennas - #95A8994

Two: BNC to BNC cables (72 inches / 183 cm) for front mount antennas on the UA844SWB rack panel - #95M2035

Four: DC power cables (24 inches / 61 cm) with push-on coaxial connectors (for use with the BLXR or SLX) - #95B8373

Four: DC power cables (24 inches / 61 cm) with threaded locking coaxial connectors - #95B8420 

Eight: BNC to BNC cables (22 inches / 56 cm) - #95K2035

One: Hardware kit containing - four rack mounting screws; four nylon panel washers; four rubber feet, ½ inch in diameter with adhesive, to stick on the bottom of the receiver chassis; two plastic hole-plugs to cover the two BNC bulkhead openings on the front rack panel. - #90XN1371


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