Two singers on one SM58 mic?

FAQ #1858 Updated August 29, 2017


As I was thumbing through your booklet on microphone techniques, I went to the Vocal section. I noticed that in a few of the categories, it said, under tonal balance, that occasionally the balance would depend on the microphone..well my questions is...would I go about only putting one microphone (SM58) for two singers? I know they're good microphones but would I still get the same great sound from one mic that I would get out of 2 mics?


The pick-up angle of the SM58 is about 130 degrees. Make certain that both singers are within the 130 degree angle and both are the same distance from the mic. If one singer is louder, have her back away slightly.

Two singers on one mic is a common technique in bluegrass music. Also, The Beatles used this technique for background harmony. Our opinion is that it looks cool, too.

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