Troubleshooting an E1 ear monitor

FAQ #1352 Updated September 18, 2012


I can barely make out any sound coming from the left monitor in a very quiet room. All connections look good as far as I can tell and there is nothing blocking the monitor, it all looks clean. I've had them for 10 months, used at least once a week.


Plug the E1 into a Sony Walkman. Do you get the same result?

Plug the Walkman headphones into the PSM receiver. What are the results?

Using this method, you can determine which PSM component is the source of the trouble. After that, contact Shure Service for warranty repair.

For repair or parts information please contact our Service Department at 800-516-2525. Information concerning service, repair, parts and warranty of Shure products can be found at the following link:

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