Too much background noise in recording to computer

FAQ #391 Updated August 22, 2017


I'm trying to record a presentation in a conference room directly to a WAV file on a laptop. When I make test recordings there is a lot of background noise. Is there a way to minimize the noise? I am using a tabletop microphone. Do microphones, sound cards.... make much of a difference? If so, what equipment do you recommend?


There is no easy answer to your questions. So we suggest you read a few technical bulletins to help you better understand the many factors underlying your situation.

Go to: Shure FAQ

Do a search using the keyword "noise".

You will find 5 to 6 questions/answers on this subject. After you have read them, please contact us again if you have remaining questions.

The problem might also be in the way the microphone is connected to the computer. Click here for more information.

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