Super 55 - Why no on/off switch?

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I am interesting in buying the Shure Super 55 microphone which improves on the older 55 SH II model. However, the 55 SH II has an On-Off switch while the Super 55 does not have the On-Off switch. I am curious why the new microphone does not have the On-Off switch and would like to know if the On-Off switch can be added to the Super 55.


The Super 55 is designed to meet the requirements of touring sound companies.  On/Off switches are not provided on high-end touring mics because the performing artist might accidentally switch off the mic while performing, and the sound engineer cannot run on to the stage to undo this mistake. 

We recommend an external switch that is part of the mic cable's female XLR connector, such as the Switchcraft model T3F.

Or purchase the 55SH Series II, then replace the mic element with the Super 55 element, sold as the R115S upgrade kit. 

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