Stylus for 78s for M55E cartridge

FAQ #215 Updated August 13, 2007


I have a Shure M55E cartridge and would like a stylus that will play my old 78 records. I note that the N78S will fit all current Shure cartridges - will it fit my old M55E? If not, what other solutions are there?


The N78S will not fit the M55E body. This is for certain as I tried it.

Two suggestions:

1. Try your existing M55E as is. Set the tracking weight to 2 grams which is the maximum for the stylus. The tip will ride lower in the groove than a typical 78 stylus. If you are pleased with the sound, mission accomplished.

2. Purchase the M78S cartridge. Or purchase the M70BX cartridge and the N78S stylus.

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