Spring tension boom mic & desk adapter for a radio dispatch center

FAQ #623 Updated October 13, 2008


In 1996 an outside vendor provided one of our radio dispatch centers with Shure SM57 mics, spring tension booms, and a brass in-desk adapter that screwed into the desk and allowed the booms to freely swivel.

That vendor is no longer in business and I need to equip another radio dispatch center with this equipment.

I have been able to locate and procure the SM57 mics, but just can't seem to locate the spring tension booms on your web site. I'm not sure if the brass adapter was a Shure product or not.

Our current booms do say "Shure made in Mexico". Can you help me locate the correct Shure booms and let me know if you can help with the on-desk mounted adapters. They are about 2.5 to 3 inches long and are meant to be fit into a hole drilled in the dispatcher's desk.


I believe you are talking about the booms that are commonly used in radio station booths. We have never offered a boom like this. However, we can provide you with a contact to get one. The following two companies make these booms. The booms come with all the necessary mounting hardware.

Manufacturer: Luxo
Distributed by: MarkerTek (800-522-2025) or Full Compass (800-356-5844)

Manufacturer: O.C. White (www.ocwhite.com or 413-289-1751)

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