Special Edition Super 55 in black with red foam

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Does Shure offer a Super 55 with a black finish and red foam?


In August 2010, Shure introduced the Special Edition Super 55-BCR microphone with a black and red color scheme.  This microphone was a limited production run and was available in the United States only at Guitar Center stores. 

Featuring a black die-cast case, supercardioid polar pattern, and red foam, the Special Edition Super 55 was designed for stage, studio recording, podcasting, and other sound applications where a stand-mounted microphone with a classic look is desired. An integrated, swivel stand mount base and microphone bag was also included.

Features of the Special Edition Super 55:

  • Tailored frequency response for natural vocals and speech
  • Neodymium magnet and output transformer for increased sensitivity
  • Chrome-plated design with red/black color combination
  • Supercardioid polar pattern ensures high gain before feedback and excellent off-axis rejection
  • Shock mounted cartridge to minimize handling/stage noise and ensure quiet operation
  • Rugged die-cast chrome casing

Being a limited production run, when stock was depleted, it was no longer available.

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