SM98A Drum mount kit A98MK

FAQ #1412 Updated December 20, 2017


I have 4 SM98A's with drum mounts for congas .. I have the OLD ones apparently, because no one seems to be able to help me find a gooseneck screw for them.. I also have a new model mount, but it will not stay on the congas with out damaging the heads. I really like the mics, but the war of attrition on the road may make me have to get another set, just for different mounts... Is there a way to get the old drum key style SM98MDX drum mounts again? or even parts?


The A98MK was tightened via a drum key. Parts may still be available from Shure Parts. Contact Shure Parts at 800-516-2525. Be certain to tell them you are looking for A98MK parts. If this department does not have the parts, stop searching.

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