SM93 with T1 and Sony Video Camera VX1000

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Can I use the SM93 with the T1 body transmitter?

---- 07/16/2001 11:40 AM ----------------------------------------------
Thanks a lot! However, apart from using the lavalier mic (SM93 or WL93)with the T1, I also want to use it as an external mic with the Sony Video Camcorder VX1000. Sony gives following Mic in specifications: 0.388 mV low impedance with 2.5-3 V DC output, impedance 6.8 Kohms. Will SM93 or WL93 do the job?
Thank you.


Yes. Just disconnect the microphone from the SM93 preamp and plug it into the T1. If you have not yet bought an SM93, then you should instead buy a WL93. This is the same microphone, without the preamp (which you won't be using anyway).

At 07/16/2001 11:45 AM we wrote - Perhaps the WL93 will work.

Let's assume the Sony is wired as follows: tip = audio; ring = bias; sleeve = ground. If the Sony is wired like this, make the following connections: tip = pin 3 (of WL93); ring = pin 2; sleeve = pin 1. Pin 4 is not used.

But check with Sony first to confirm how the mic input jack is wired.

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