SM81-LC for overhead dialogue pickup?

FAQ #1932 Updated February 16, 2018


I own a Shure SM81-LC and want to know if you think this is a good mic for the following video shoot that I need to do. I will be shooting a discussion among 5 teenagers sitting around and on a sofa. This is shot in a studio generally with 3 kids on the sofa.. sitting on the arm of the sofa and 2 on pillows on the floor. We want to have the mic over head and pick them all up. Do you think the SM81-LC will work?


The SM81 should work fine. Keep in the mind the following:

1) Set the SM81 low frequency switch to the steepest roll-off.

2) The pick-up angle of the SM81 is a 130 degree cone. Envision this cone and make certain all 5 talkers are within it.

3) Make certain that all 5 talkers are equally distant from the SM81 to insure equal loudness.

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