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I just got an SM7B and and X2U to interface with my computer. The tri-color indicator on the X2U rarely goes green unless I yell into the mic, and my voice recording on Audacity is too low (and I do have a loud voice). I can hardly hear my voice in my headphones - connected to the X2U. I have mic gain & headphone volume all the way up. Do I need a preamp? Doesn't the X2U serve as one or is it purely an interface adaptor?


For typical operation, the SM7B requires a mic preamp with at least 60 dB of gain.   The X2u has 50 dB of preamp gain as of April 2011.

Answer Title: SM7 Output Level and Preamp Gain Specifications
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Here are comments from Shure's X2u expert:

1) The X2u should provide sufficient gain for the SM7B for most, but not all, situations.

2) The SM7B has a slightly lower output level than an typical SM58 handheld microphone.  The SM7B should be close talked.  Compare the SM7B to an SM58 or similar handheld mic and note any differences.

3) Keep the X2u mic gain full up, which should get the tri-color LED to glow green.

4) Make sure the monitor control on the X2u is all the way up to get the full volume of the microphone to the headphones.

5) Audacity may feature a “normalize” mode to adjust the level of the recording after laying down the track.

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