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FAQ #47 Updated July 19, 2016


I have a Shure SM5 and am curious if the front and back foam windscreens (Shure part #'s 90A2019 & 90B2019) are still available?


Replacement parts for the SM5B are no longer available from Shure. 

Alternate source:     As of August 2104, the Windscreen set is $80.00; Blast filter is $15.00; Replacement Mic cable is $25.00; Hangar hardware kit is $80.00; Replacement suspension bands are $40.00 per set. Mooretronix often stocks other types of SM5B parts.  Please check directly with Mooretronix for availability.

At one time, replacements could be purchased from Harris/Allied Broadcast; phone number 800-300-0733. The plastic ring attached to the foam is not available. You must re-use that ring. Silicone adhesive, readily available at stores such as Home Depot, Menards, Lowes, and Ace Hardware, can be used to attach the new foam to the old ring.



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