SLX4L TTL Logic Pin 1 Status Modification

FAQ #3461 Updated February 16, 2018


I have an SLX4L. I need to make the Logic status of Logic Pin 1 High (+5V) when the mic is active, and Low (0V) when the mic is muted. This would be the reverse of how it is shipped. Is this possible?


Yes. This is possible, but only through a modification made to a PC board inside the SLX4L receiver. Normally a transmitter that is on will result in a 0V status on pin 1 of the logic output.


Here are instructions to reverse the pin 1 status:

Step 1: Remove the chassis case from the SLX4L. Remove the 4 screws from the sides of the SLX4L as shown.


Step 2: Push down on the front edge of the receiver case and slide the case shell backward to reveal the PC boards inside.


Step 3: Locate the PC daughterboard inside. It is the smaller of the two.

Step 4: With a soldering iron, remove resistor R8 from its position.


Step 5: With a soldering iron, place same resistor to position R9.

Step 6: Reassemble the SLX4L.

A transmitter that is on should now result in a +5V logic signal at pin 1 of the logic output.



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