SLX2 and PGX2 Excessive Noise

FAQ #3542 Updated March 31, 2009


I own four SLX systems with the SLX2 handheld transmitter.  Recently, I purchased a fifth system and noticed that the SLX2 transmitter was much noiser than the four older SLX2 units.  Any ideas?


It is feasible that a test point on the SLX2 main circuit board is touching a ground foil on a smaller circuit board, known as the head board.   This same problem can also affect the PGX2 transmitter.  The symptom is exactly as you described - excessive noise.  Please return the noisy SLX2 to Shure Service for examination and repair.


As of April 2009, Shure Engineering has implemented a fix to prevent this fault in the SLX2 and the PGX2.

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