SLX1 Transmitter and Countryman E6 headworn microphone - gain problems

FAQ #3258 Updated June 11, 2008


How can I increase the gain in order to achieve suitable level for voice application? Have tried manual adjustment on SLX1 transmitter, SLX4 unit and sound board without success.


Here are several recommendations:

  1. Set SLX1 gain switch to MIC.
  2. Set SLX4 gain pot (on rear) to maximum - full clockwise
  3. Use XLR output of SLX4. Connect to XLR input on mixer.
  4. Confirm the mic cable and mixer XLR input are OK by using a wired mic, like the Shure SM58 in place of the SLX4. When this setup works OK, substitute the SLX4 for the SM58.

When working properly, the SLX4 XLR output will be similar in level to a Shure SM58. If the SLX4 is too loud, reduce the level using the gain control on the rear panel.

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