Shure WL mic with Lectrosonics beltpack

FAQ #2550 Updated February 22, 2018


I own Lectrosonics beltpacks and am interested in buying some WL184 capsules. What kind of wiring would I need to do to the WL184 in order to use it with my Lectro belt pack. The Lectro's use TA5F connectors.


Our records indicate the following:

Pin 1 = ground
Pin 2 = +5V bias
Pin 3 = mic level audio in
Pin 4 = 1k* resistor - jumper to pin 2 to change mic level input loading
Pin 5 = line level in

SHURE mics for wireless are as follows:
Pin 1 = ground
Pin 2 = +5V bias
Pin 3 = audio out
Pin 4 = jumper to pin 3

Our advice:

Remove the TA4F from the WL184. Replace it with a TA5F; only connect pins 1, 2, and 3.

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