Shure TTR-115 test record

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What can I find out about the TTR-115 test record?  It was called "An Audio Obstacle Course."


The TTR-115 was introduced in 1977 as a companion to the Shure V15-IV phono cartridge.   It was a 33 1/3 rpm LP.  The contents were:

Side One
Band One: Introduction / explanation of the TTR-115 and how to use it.
Band Two: Level, Balance, and Polarity (Phasing) tests.
Band Three: High-frequency mistracking test using orchestral bells.
Band Four: Mistracking test using a flute
Band Five: Mistracking test using a harp.

Side Two
Band One: Mistracking test using a flute and a harp.
Band Two: Mistracking test using a flute and a bell. \
Band Three: Mistracking test using a flute, cello, harp, and bell. \
Band Four and Band Five: Tone arm resonance test using Band Three modulated with successive sub-audible tones of 4 Hz, 5 Hz, 6 Hz, 8 Hz, 10 Hz, and 12 Hz. 

Sorry, the TTR-115 is no longer available.

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