Shure TTR-102 test record

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What was the TTR-102 test record?


Created in the 1960s, the TTR-102 was designed to test output level and channel crosstalk. Both sides of the 33 1/3 RPM LP record were the same. It was not a consumer test record. 

Sine wave signals were recorded at 1kHz and at 10 kHz with a 5cm/second peak velocity. A sine wave sweep was also recorded with a 5cm/second peak velocity.  There were three sine wave tests bands for the left channel, and three for the right channel. There were also seven bands of an intermodulated signal: a 400 Hz tone combined with a 4,000 Hz tone that was 12 dB down in level.  The peak velocity changed for each band: 27.1cm/second; 22.6cm/second; 17.9cm/second; 14.3cm/second; 11.3cm/second; 8.7cm/second; 6.9cm/second.

Sorry, the TTR-102 is no longer available.

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