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Please answer some questions about the SRH1440

1. Clear - Powerful, Wide Spectrum Bass is very important to me. I don't mean the boom boom of DR Dres - But CLEAR ACCURATE BASS......From this prospective, the headphone must at a minimum exceed the capabilities of the Ultrasone 900 *BALANCED - IS THIS HEAD PHONE BALANCED. I HAVE A BALANCED AMP.

2. The two other Headphones I am considering are the Senn 700, and a "Plannare" headphone the Hi-Fiman 600 -or the more evenly priced Hi-Fiman 500. I know most companies don't make a practice of comparing their products to other companies. But in this case, your product is brand new, and I must get a " feel " for where this product sits in comparison to other priced products on the market.

3. Are the cables detachable ? I like a long straight cable for home use, but when traveling - having a long cable is like trying to carry a live snake with you. Can it be supplied with a short " coiled cable " as well.

4. I like a real " quality " look to my headphones - no plastic or polished aluminum- I like sturdy steel.

5. How long is the warranty for ?

6. Does it come with a bag or a box

7. What is the " impedance level "

8. Is it highly efficient - or do you recommend a separate head phone amplifier ( OK ) - and what wattage.

9. Do you have any " Open Box " units - or " Demos " from shows - or imperfect first runs - that you may be able to
offer me at a unique savings?


Questions submitted to this forum are answered by Shure Engineering, not Shure Sales or Shure Marketing. Therefore, I shall provide scientific, engineering answers.

1) We have not compared the SRH1440 to the Ultrasone 900. Therefore we cannot comment.

1a) The term "balanced" as a specific definition:

Answer Title: Difference between balanced and unbalanced
Answer Link:

As each SRH1440 earphone has only two conductors, not three, it cannot qualify be "balanced."

2) We have not compared the SRH1440 to the headphones listed in your #2 question. Even if we had, we do not offer public comment as our comments would be biased.

3) The cable is detachable. There is no "short cable" option.

4) Plastic is used in the SRH1440.

5) Warranty is two years from date of purchase.

6) Storage case is included.

7) 37 ohms, nominal, at 1 kHz.

8) Efficiency is 101 dB-SPL at 1 mW. We have no opinion on a separate headphone amp as there are so many on the market.

9) There are no demo units or used units for sale. Shure only sell through authorized dealers.

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