Shure SM57 VIP Dual Microphone Kit

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Could you tell me if this product is still being offered? I own a small sound company and we've done a few press conferences, including a couple for White House Communications Agency. This means we've got to present a quality image, which means I contact Shure. There's a reason that I own over 30 Shure mics.


The SM57 VIP Kit consists of:

1 - VIP55SM dual shock mount
1 - A26M vertical dual mount
2 - SM57-LC mics
2 - C25F mic cables with XLR connectors or equivalents
2 - A26X extension tubes
2 - A2WS windscreens - available in black or gray
2 - A81WS windscreens
1 - A13HDB black flange

The individual components may be purchased as required from Shure dealers.
Also, Shure Parts assembles and sells the entire SM57 VIP Kit. Call 800-516-2525.



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