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I have recently obtained a microphone labeled Shure Brothers Inc. Model No. 559575A. I would like any information you have on this item, particularly the wiring diagram as I need to change from a 6 prong plug to a 4 prong plug. I was unable to find any information under discontinued models. Thanks.

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Here are the pictures:

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Here is a new twist to this: I opened the back of the mic up last night and cut the existing plug off. This mic has 5 wires (Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, White) and an additional switch connected through the mounting stud on the back of the mic. So being somewhat of a novice at this...the wiring diagram of the 527B is accurate ......... Is there any other reference material for this mic? Thanks.


At 11/05/2001 07:46 AM we wrote - Shure never sold a model 559575A under the Shure brand. Your microphone is likely an OEM model - made by Shure for another company to be used as part of their product. Our records of OEM model numbers are admittedly incomplete, and we find no reference to a 559575A.

If you send us a photo of your mic, we might be able to recognize it. For now, we cannot answer your inquiry.

At 11/06/2001 11:49 AM we wrote - It appears to be an OEM variation on the Shure 527 model.

The 527 is provided with a bare-ended cable. We do not know the source of your connector, nor do we know if there were any wiring variations requested by the OEM buyer.

At 11/06/2001 01:53 PM we wrote - You are welcome.

At 11/07/2001 12:35 PM we wrote - Sorry, there is not. Any variation from the 527B wiring was requested by the OEM purchaser of your mic.


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