SHURE HTS 50LRS loudspeaker

FAQ #1900 Updated October 16, 2008


I recently acquired a pair of Shure HTS speakers. They are the Model 50 LRS that I believe was part of a Pro Home Theater line that your company produced around 1989/90.

I would like to receive whatever information you can provide about this speaker. I'm particularly interested to know if it would be appropriate as a small monitor used in a stereo application or was it designed with a modified frequency response more appropriate to home theater?

Any information you can provide, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Here is all the information we have.

Response: 60 Hz to 18,000 Hz (We could not find a response curve.)

Sensitivity: 85dB SPL at 1 meter, on axis, with 2.83 Vac wideband pink noise input signal

Power handling: 100 RMS watts maximum

Impedance: 5.6 ohms nominal; 200 Hz to 18,000 Hz

Crossover: Fourth order passive crossover with driver equalization and midband response correction

Protection: 3 amp fast blow fuse for high frequency driver only

No other information is available. We hope the above is useful to you.

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