Shure earphones and sleeves: latex? rubber?

FAQ #3159 Updated September 06, 2017


Do Shure earphones or sleeves contain latex?


The earphone housing, cord, and interchangeable sleeves used with Shure sound isolating earphones are made of different materials, including PVC plastic, PVC foam, polyurethane foam, rubber, silicone rubber, and thermoplastic elastomer. These materials were selected for their specific acoustic properties and suitability for skin contact. These materials do not contain latex.

Sleeve examples:

Black Foam Sleeves, such as EABKF1: polyurethane foam

Soft Flex Sleeves, such as EASFX1: silicone

Black Soft Flex Sleeves, such as EASFX2: rubber

Triple Flange Sleeves, such as EATFL1: silicone rubber

Yellom Foam Sleeves, such as EAYFL1: polyurethane foam


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