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I was wondering if you sell a product that is wireless and in the form of a head set that operates the same way a telephone does - that is where you can talk to each other without having to press any buttons when you wish to talk with the other person. (As apposed to a CB radio where you have to press a button when you want to talk and then let go of it to here the other persons response.)

If so how many extra units can you use at one time? Can you have eg. 10 or more talking to each other without having to hold down any buttons thus making it like a telephone line?

It also needs to have a good battery life (more than 3 hours) and also have a long distance until loss of reception (more than 200 meters)! It must also be small and light, if possible, like a childs play "walkie talkie" but tough. It needs to sound clear like a telephone not like a CB radio. Finally it must come with a headset.


Shure does not have such a product. Try looking at Motorola. They have voice-activitated two-way radios that will broadcast up to several miles. These are the "grown-up" versions of a children's walkie-talkies.

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