SE315 vs. SE310

FAQ #3745 Updated July 02, 2015


When was the model SE315 introduced and how is it different than the discontinued SE310?


The SE315 was announced in August 2010, with a U.S. retail price of $250.  It is available in clear or black. 

The detachable 64 inch (163 cm) cable has a wire-form fit that can be molded to a specific outer ear shape.  The single driver is a balanced armature type with a tuned bass port.  The attenuation of outside noise is rated up to 37 dB depending upon the seal between the earphone sleeve and the ear canal.

The SE315 sensitivity is 116 dBSPL/mW; 5 dB greater than the SE310.

The SE315 impedance is 27 ohms; 1 ohm less than the SE310.

The SE315 frequency response is 22 Hz to 18,500 Hz.


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