RXP-3 stylus overhang measure and weight

FAQ #256 Updated July 18, 2007


I just bought a SHURE RXP-3 for a Pioneer pl-115d. Pioneer said that they no longer have any stylus overhang gauges. The instructions with the turntable specify 15.5 mm. How should I do this? (The table has a standard rectangular cartridge shell with two parallel slots) Many thanks for your help. (also, could you please tell me if the RXP-3 weighs more than 4g?)


The RXP-3 is the same as the Shure M104E. It weighs 7.3 grams when using the mounting adapter, screws, and nuts.

The stylus overhang is not a critical adjustment. Attached the cartridge to the headshell so that the screw heads are in the middle of the parallel slots and the stylus overhang adjustment is complete.

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