RevoLabs Exec Transmitter with a Shure WL183, WL184, WL185 Microphone

FAQ #4778 Updated November 13, 2015


How is a Shure WL180 series mic wired to work with a RevoLab bodypack transmitter?


The RevoLab device has DC bias and audio on pin 3.   

Shure employs DC bias on pin 2 and audio on pin 3.
Connect the WL18x mic as follows::
· Shure WL shield to RevoLab pin 1 ground
· Shure WL black (audio) to RevoLab pin 1 ground
· Shure WL red (bias) to RevoLab pin 3

Though this scheme shorts the WL18x audio wire to ground, the red bias wire is now modulated with the audio signal.

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