Repair of wireless systems in the 700 MHz band after July 2010

FAQ #4082 Updated March 28, 2012


I own a Shure wireless system that operates in the range of 698 - 806 MHz and it needs repair.  I understand that this frequency band is now illegal to use in the United States (as of July 2010), but I live in Trinidad in the Caribbean.  This frequency range is OK in my country.  Can I still have my wireless repaired by Shure? 


As of July 2010, by Federal mandate, Shure Service can no longer repair wireless products operating within the 698 - 806 MHz range, if those products will be operated within the borders of the United States.


However, Shure Service can repair such wireless products for customers using them outside the United States.  For this to take place, Shure Service requires a signed letter certifying that the repaired wireless product will not be operated within the borders of the United States.  If the product is being repaired on behalf of a business, the required letter must be on company letterhead.


Please contact Shure Service before sending the unit.  Repair parts for 700 MHz systems are dwindling and will eventually be depleted.

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