Quality of Shure product assembled in China or Mexico

FAQ #4250 Updated September 15, 2017


I know Shure manufactures its products in Mexico and China. Are the same quality and reliability standards used for each factory?


Absolutely.  All Shure manufacturing facilities are ISO (International Standards Organization) certified annually. Robust processes and product quality documentation are built into each facility from the beginning.  For example, the Suzhou China manufacturing facility is equipped with the same superior caliber of testing equipment utilized in other Shure facilities, including a state-of-the-art anechoic chamber.  The Shure Corporate Quality group continually monitors products from all Shure plants. This group acts as the toughest possible customer, randomly selecting products to evaluate for packaging, performance, and reliability as measured against Shure's stringent environmental and mechanical specs.

Shure products are famous worldwide for their ruggedness and reliability. Our reputation of 87+ years is based on ruggedness and reliability. A Shure quality standard is a Shure quality standard, no matter where the Shure product is being assembled.

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