PSM400 Powering

FAQ #1997 Updated February 23, 2018


A couple of questions re: the PSM 400 wireless monitor system.

1) It runs off of 14-18V. Can it run off of 12V? I'll be using it in film production and all the gear on my sound cart is 12V. I do have access to 115V so I can use the wall wart, but a direct 12V in would be easier.

2) I see the antenna is permanently mounted. Would it be a big deal for me to install a BNC so I could remote the antenna?

3) Lastly, my existing radio mics are in (680-700 MHz). Do I have to order the PSM in a particular frequency block?


1) Yes.

2) The chassis is plastic, so it would likely not be too big of a problem; but we have not done this modification.

3) It is only available in several ranges depending upon your country.

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