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I am considering the purchase of the PSM wireless monitor system. To operate 4 mics with four individual monitor outputs for each vocal what would I need to order in components? The P4MTRE1 pack comes with the transmitter P4T, one body pack receiver P4R, one personal monitor mixer P4M and one E1 earphone. Would I assume that I would need to order three more body packs P4R and three more E1 earphones? Do you put together these types of packages?


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If you want to send one stereo mix to all four singers, you require the following: 1 - P4MTRE1; 3 - P4R; 3 - E1.

But if each singer requires a different stereo mix, then the price and complexity of your system quadruples. Then you need 4 - P4MTRE1 with each adjusted to a different transmitting frequency.

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