Proprietary AT&T 8525 headset adapter info

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I'm interested in purchasing some of your products that would work as a Mobile Headset, but your web site indicates it is not compatible with my
Cingular 8525 (now called AT&T 8525) which is manufactured by HTC as the Dash, WING, Mogul. Do you have anything that would work?


That phone uses a proprietary connector and we do not have a product that will directly connect to it.

Here is a link to a website that carries an adapter for 3.5mm headphones. It however does not pass a microphone so this adapter and SE model earphones would work for stereo music playback only.

This adapter has a built in microphone and send/end button and would work well with SE model earphones due to the modular short cable.

According to their website the above adapter will work with the following phones.

AT&T 8525
Cingular 8525
T-Mobile Dash
T-Mobile Wing
Sprint Mogul
UTStarcom PPC-6800
Verizon XV6800
HTC Cavalier S630
HTC Touch P3450
HTC Mogul
HTC Titan
HTC P4000
HTC Herald
HTC P4350
HTC Excalibur S620
HTC Hermes
Dopod 838 Pro
Dopod CHT9000
i-mate JasJam
MDA Vario II
O2 Xda Cosmo
O2 XDA Trion
Qtek 9600

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