Proper replacement for 8-10 year old Sony turntable?

FAQ #480 Updated August 08, 2007


I have a Sony Linear Tracking fully automatic Stereo Turntable, Model PS-LX510, Serial Number 807928. It had a Radio Shack replacement that I would like to replace with a Shure. It is the four pin type with one screw on the side. What should I use and how to I get it?


It sounds like you might have a P-mount cartridge, but we cannot be certain unless we see your cartridge. If the cartridge plugs into the end of the tone arm and a single screw secures it, then it is likely a P-mount design.

The Shure MP94E is a P-mount cartridge and will likely fit. We suggest you telephone one of these two hi-fi specialists to help you replace your Radio Shack product with a Shure:

The Needle Doctor: 800-229-0644
Audio Supply: 800-541-2478 

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