Playing 78 rpm records - which cartridge?

FAQ #2404 Updated October 22, 2008


The last cartridge I purchased prior to taking my turntable component out of service, was a "Shure V-15 Type IV".

I have since misplaced the cartridge, but have the turntable in working order. The turntable is an "United Audio 1212", vintage 1969. I also have a "Sure V-15 Type II" that I replaced with the Type IV.

I would like to plug the turntable into my computer (sound card) and "digitize & clean up" several old 78rpm records, via Roxio software, onto my CD-writer (actually for my parents 60th anniversary). But I need a cartridge.

What would you recommend?


Buy the M78S cartridge designed to play 78 rpm records. 

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