PGXD2 Attenuation Settings

FAQ #3839 Updated October 13, 2017


Is there a method to attenuate the PGXD2 mic element signal when it is used with a really loud singer?


The PGXD2 has four possible attenuation settings: 0 dB; - 6dB; - 10 dB; - 16dB.

An internal slide switch (see the User Guide) may be set for 0 dB or - 10 dB of attenuation. Also, there is an optional - 6 dB attenuator on the PGXD2 circuit board. To enable the - 6 dB attenuation, a qualified electronics technician must remove the zero-ohm resistor at R210, and then re-soldered it at the R213 location.

NOTE: Adding the -6dB of attenuation increases the noise floor of the PGXD2. With the -10 dB switch setting (-16 dB total), there is 1 dB increase in noise floor. With the 0 dB switch setting (-6 dB total), there is a 2 dB increase.

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