PGX1 and Countryman E6 headworn mic

FAQ #3249 Updated October 30, 2008


I'm using a Countryman E6 headworn mic with the PGX1 transmitter. If the PGX1 gain switch is set to MIC, I hear distortion. When the gain switch is set to 0, I don't get enough output from the PGX4 XLR output. Any ideas?


1) Set the PGX1 gain switch to 0 to avoid distortion.

2) Use the PGX4 1/4" phone jack output instead of the XLR output, but keep this cable connected to the XLR input on the mixer. The 1/4" output has 14 dB more gain that the XLR output.

3) Wire the connecting cable as follows:

XLR pin 2 - tip of 1/4" phone plug
XLR pin 3 - sleeve of 1/4" phone plug
XLR pin 1 - to cable shield but no connection at the 1/4" phone plug

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