PGX Analog Wireless Discontinuation

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When was the PGX analog wireless series discontinued?


May 2013.  Recommend replacement is the BLX wireless series. 

PGX analog wireless was introduced in 2005.

The final U.S. retail prices were:
PGX1 body pack transmitter: $248
PGX2/PG58 handheld transmitter: $223
PGX2/SM58 handheld transmitter: $248
PGX2/SM86 handheld transmitter: $335
PGX2/BETA58 handheld transmitter: $335
PGX4 receiver: $251  (external power supply was PS21 or PS20)

The U.S. frequency bands were:
H6: 524 to 542 MHz
J6: 572 to 590 MHz
L5: 644 to 662 MHz
A PGX system had 90 available channels.
Theoretical maximum number of compatible channels within one frequency band: 9
Theoretical maximum number of compatible channels using all three frequency bands: 12

If you own a PGX analog system, and need a replacement transmitter or receiver, the replacement unit must be a PGX analog product and it must have the same frequency band as the component being replaced. 

A PGX-D (digital) unit cannot be used as a replacement for a PGX analog unit. 

Note 1: Some BLX transmitters are backwards compatible with a few PGX receivers. Will a BLX1 or BLX2 work with a PGX4 analog receiver?

Note 2: Shure Service can typically repair a product for 5 to 7 years after the product is discontinued. The exact time period depends upon the remaining inventory of repair parts.

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