PG42 USB with Apple OS El Capitan

FAQ #4780 Updated August 08, 2018


Loved the PG42 USB with my previous Macbook pro, but now have a new one that is running El Capitan. After a few minutes of recording, it gets an error where the recording repeats a small clip of audio over and over. This happens no matter the recording software (Garage band, ProTools, etc) so I believe it's a driver error. Is there anything I can do? I love this mic and want to continue using it.


The PG42USB is a plug and play microphone that uses the drivers built into the OS, so it doesn’t require special software to use. It should work on any laptop/desktop with a USB port on it.

That being said, OS El Capitan seems to have introduced a number of audio related issues across a variety of audio devices. The manufacturers in the following links have driver-based hardware / software and have been working on updated drivers for El Capitan:

Perhaps as Apple addresses the audio issues that El Capitan has introduced, your PG42-USB issue will be resolved in the future.

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