Painting an SM58

FAQ #3245 Updated February 21, 2018


I own a SM58 and of course, absolutely love using this mic. The question that I have is the fact that I would like for the mic to be white. If I prepare the metal exterior of the mic with a recommended base and paint it , would it be safe? This may sound as though its a silly question but perhaps some metals can either be toxic or dangerous because of electricity. Please let me know if you believe it is a possibility that I can paint my microphone. I have tried to find a microphone through Shure that has color but apparently its not available. I do not want to resort to a colored foam cover for the head of the mic. I only wish to paint the lower portion of the mic. Please advise.


Painting the microphone handle does not pose any risk. The microphone handle is made of die-cast zinc.

If you are going to paint the ball grill make certain that the holes in the grill and the inner foam screen do not fill up with paint.

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